Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From the Email Inbox: WLT Stories

Hello large-list compiler
I'm interested in producing my own story about large things. Please send me information about submissions. I noticed that although your website is "World's Largest Things," your "list" is limited to large things in the U.S.A. Are you also interested in large things outside the U.S.A.?

Big thanks— J. L.

Hi there, J. L. - No, we're not exclusive about USA World's Largest, that's just where we've started - I need to add a Canada and Australia set of pages, as they are the other two young countries with lots of World's Largest, we just haven't gotten there yet...

If you have stories and stats about World's Largest Things, regardless of where they are, we'd be happy to make pages for them! Text and images emailed are fine, if you'd like them included on the big site, or we can also link to stories you post on an external site either on the Blog or on the Big List of Whats Large Where.

What did you have in mind? Thanks for getting in touch, and hope to hear from you soon...

Erika Nelson, Director, WLT Inc.

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