Saturday, May 31, 2008


...although the above specimens are truly magnificent creatures, do they really inspire the minds of UK Anglers? Since they are not rod and line captures its hard to relate fish of this size to our conventional ideas about freshwater sport-fishing, so how about this?

At 242LB this Giant Siamese Carp was captured on a Rod and Line by a gentleman named Lung Dam, in Thailand's now famous Bung Sam Lan Lake. It's hard to believe but this fish was one of 5 Carp that where stocked in the lake all around the same size less than 20 years ago, and although there have been many large Carp caught from the lake in recent years (The IGFA world record being broken over and over again), know one has come close to this feat. The large Carp are still there, and know one is absolutely sure just how large they are today. Some suggest the Giant Siamese Carp can grow to 600LB, whilst other credible sources say tha Bung sam Lan contains carp over 400LB. The largest carp are undoubtedly hooked from time to time, we have witnessed this fact. The challenge is to actually land such a specimen. It is fish such as these that have inspired us to try and encourage the UK's keenest anglers to come and try their luck in Thailand, you could quite possibly be the next world record holder!

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