Saturday, May 31, 2008

More grant research

Spent part of the afternoon re-checking our CCR registry (which was good, because they'd taken it back out of authentication for review by a World's Largest Things official...), and then poked around to see if there are any applicable grant opportunities coming up.
The down part is still the relative new-ness of WLT, Inc. - many grants require three years of programming, of which we have but not as an 'official' organization.  So, it looks like we'll FINALLY be able to start applying in 2009 for FY 2010. There are a few other out there that will support start-up organizations, so there are some new leads in the WLT Favorites List.
Up next, searching through Foundations listings that may have programs that allow for seed or start-up projects.  Until then, we'll keep sending the collection out sans Bookmobile, keeping the collection mobile!

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