Sunday, October 29, 2006

New World's Largest Hamburger, "The 8th Wonder", Clinton Station Diner, NJ


New World's Largest Hamburger, "The 8th Wonder", Clinton Station Diner, NJ
Sunday, October 29 2006 @ 06:40 PM PST
Contributed by: Billy

And the burger wars continue! Clinton Station Diner has now made claim to the World's Largest commercially available hamburger, "The 8th Wonder". This 28" wide, 11.5" thick, 105 pound monstrosity was created today at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ. With previous massive burgers like the 7lb Zeus burger, and the 50lb Mt Olympus under their belts, it was no surprise that Clinton Station was secretly devising a way to beat the latest winner in the Big Burger Wars, the 78.5lb entry from Bob's BBQ and Grill in Pattaya, Thailand. Looks like they've brought the title back to the USA!


10/29/06 - OMG! 105 Pounds! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
History was made at the Clinton Station Diner yesterday by setting the new World Record for the Biggest Menu Hamburger in the world appropriately dubbed "The 8th Wonder" (interestingly enough this is also the 8th type of burger offered at Clinton Station Diner). Mere words cannot express the totality and enormity of this massive meat monster. The dimensions on this bad boy measured out to be 28 inches in diameter and 11 1/2 in height and a whopping 105 pounds in total weight.

Photos courtesy of The Association of Independent Competitive Eaters


It has been reported that several competitive eaters broke down in tears of joy as they witnessed the unveiling of this World Record Burger. Owner Mike Zambus s will be submitting necessary documentation to Guinness Book of World Records to certify "The 8th Wonder" as the new World Heavy Weight Burger. Unlike many previous World Record Burgers that were constructed, "The 8th Wonder" is a delicious creation and also maintains the fine tradition of the previous Zambus burgers. Customers had the delicious opportunity to sample this massive burger at the end of the presentation and all were in agreement of the high quality and great taste of The 8th Wonder. Some were lucky enough to take home a slice of this historic event (slices weighed in at 7 pounds-yummy snack!). We were happy that the new Heavy Weight Burger title is back in America and that AICE was privileged to be part of this!

The Voice of Competitive Eating Mike Sisco introduces the Nano Burger (Source: AICE)

Official Weighing of the Platter 4 pounds (Source: AICE)

OMG!!!!!!!!! (Source: AICE)

The Weigh In (Source: AICE)

Sisco Kid calls the official weight, 105 pounds (Source: AICE)

Who is the real king? (Source: AICE)

The Amazing Chef (Source: AICE)

Come to Pa-Pa (Source: AICE)

Sharing in this momentous occasion (Source: AICE)

Recording dimensions for Guinness Book of World Records, 28 inches diameter, 11 1/2 inches high (Source: AICE)

Regular burger to The 8th Wonder (Source: AICE)

There is just no comparison! (Source: AICE)

Looking lost (Source: AICE)

Normal burger and a Nano Burger (Source: AICE)

So when do we get to eat this bad boy? (Source: AICE)

History in the making, first cut.... (Source: AICE)

We may need a chain saw! (Source: AICE)

Who wants the first slice? (Source: AICE)

That is SOME slice! (Source: AICE)

There is always room for more (Source: AICE)

Think he'd notice if I took a bite (Source: AICE)

Mine, all Mine!!!!! (Source: AICE)

I love it (Source: AICE)

These guys aren't the only ones who can eat! (Source: AICE)

The Cannon wants a piece (Source: AICE)

Now that's a knife! (Source: AICE)

ChowHound with a 7 pound doggie bag (Source: AICE)

Can Mike Zambus top The 8th Wonder??? Only time will tell...... (Source: AICE)

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