Friday, January 30, 2009

Driven by Vision - coming in March

...if you're in Canada...
Great series looking at sites and environments driven by vision - check out images and excerpts from their first season:
In the second season, they came to Lucas and visited many many sites, including the Garden of Eden.  Ask your northern relatives to keep an eye out for Kansas Quirky!  Season II begins on Wednesday March 11, 2009 at 10:00pm EST
Vision TV (Eastern Time) Wednesdays - 10:00pm, Thursdays - 7:00am and 3:00pm

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Idea Vol 2 #2 on its way to your eager lil' mailboxes!  The Winter Edition includes some regional Kansas highlights, details about the Fall SCA Conference, and upcoming lectures and events.  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Exploring Winchester

Spent another great three days at the Retreat for Rural Leaders, put on by the Kansas Sampler Foundation.  This year's hands-on day included team exploration of an assigned town, and presentation of our research.  The Divine Team, which also Crossed the Delaware, went to Winchester, with a resulting Flickr and Blog that we will gift to the community.  Check 'em out:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome President Obama!

I was honored and thrilled to be able to watch the inauguration while on the road... After the Monday WLT Kansas Humanities lecture, I overnighted in Topeka KS.  The Brown vs. Board of Education site hosted an inauguration viewing in their main presentation room, so that's where we gathered. 
This photo is from the Topeka Capitol-Journal, of some of the crowd gathered. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Presses are rolling!

... the Winter Newsletter is due out soon!  We've had to change publichers, so there's been a bit of a delay, but things are finally rolling.
Thank you for your patience...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Grant Wrapups

... just finalized the FY09 Kansas Arts Commission Final Report.  Thanks, KAC, for funding projects that help World's Largest Things, Inc., expand and enhance programming!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Belger Art Center Show March 6 - May 1, Kansas City MO

KANSAS CITY, MO – On March 6, 2009, the Belger Arts Center will launch "Rare Visions – Detour Art," a tribute to outsider art curated by two Kansas Citians with extensive knowledge in the field. Curators Mike Murphy and Kelly Ludwig will bring more than 150 pieces of art to the ground floor and third floor galleries of the Belger building. The exhibit will run through May 1, 2009.

Ms. Ludwig is the author ofDetour Art: Outsider, Folk Art,and Visionary Environments Coast to Coast. This 160-page hardback book was recently published by Kansas City Star Books. Ms. Ludwig says her obsession with outsider art has roots in her family: "I grew up with an outsider artist of sorts, my mother. Like so many of these artists who are products of the Depression-era, mom was thrifty and resourceful, and resourcefulness inevitably spawns creativity – using common objects in uncommon ways." Ms. Ludwig is a graphic designer and holds a BFA from the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

Mr. Murphy is co-host of "Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations," a PBS television show that can be seen on stations across the United States. The show is produced by KCPT of Kansas City. Mr. Murphy, with his co-host Randy Mason and "Don the Camera Guy," has traveled to more than 40 states over the last twelve years and filmed hundreds of artists in their homes, studios, and workshops (sometimes all at once). Mr. Murphy once said he knew the show was taking a special place in the field of folk art when he found out her appearance on RVRR was mentioned in the obituary of one of his interviewees.

Ms. Ludwig and Mr. Murphy plan to exhibit work from their personal collections, plus borrow works from artists and organizations such as The World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things. The Grassroots Arts Council of Lucas, KS, also will lend some of their collection for this exhibit.

The Belger Arts Center is located at 2100 Walnut Street, one block east of Main Street, in the Belger Cartage Service building. The gallery is open Wednesday through Friday from 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday from noon – 4 pm, non-holiday First Fridays from 10 am – 9 pm, and by appointment. The office for the Belger Arts Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am – 4:30 pm. For more information please visitwww.belgerartscenter.orgor contact Gallery Assistant Mo Dickens at 816-474-3250, March of 2000 the Belger Arts Center has hosted more than 35 exhibitions featuring a variety of media including fiber, ceramics, painting, sculpture, digital projections, and innovative design. More than 50,000 visitors have attended exhibits and other events at the Belger Arts Center.

Originally posted on the Detour Art blog

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Writing writing writing

... but things are getting marked off the list!
We got the first batch of Weekly Whats Large Where posted, added a little to an article on Five Favorite Kansas Quirky, located a missing Illustrator file for an American Road column, and can now get back to the next Big Idea. 
Oh, and some draft reviews of another Kansas Humanities Council lecture proposal...
For fun, we've ordered wooden nickels from the site of the World's Largest Wooden Nickel - they'll debut at the Belger Art Center show in Kansas City Missouri in March.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

World's Largest Things Small World Story

The WLT Cub Reporter just sent me a Flickr mail, saying "you oughtta see this!"... which just happened to by my cousin Josh Porter's Flickr page!  Small world, and I told the cub reporter all about it...
"Yes, he's done quite a few monuments. I had no idea he was producing his own until I went to the talking Paul Bunyan's new home, outside of Brainerd, and was chatting with the clerk about the nice restoration. I asked who did it, and when I heard his name I was floored.

It was Father's Day, and I said something about what a small world, and she said "well, he's here today, too - right over there in the snack bar!" I hadn't seen him in 10 - 12 years, and he and his whole family (and me and my whole family) just happened to be there at the same time - weird!

So, he showed us around what he did, we almost had the park to ourselves (family-wise), and an attendant followed us around to the various rides strapping us in and turning them on.

Wonderfully weird small world-li-ness!!!"
See Josh's photo stream online:

!!!They're one and the same!!!!

I thought I'd look up a WLT Member, who is ALSO working on an Art Car book, only to find out that the images I just sent are for her project - Great wonderful wee world!
Upcoming from Fulcrum Publishers, from their Speck Press imprint:

Speck Press, a Fulcrum Publishing imprint: Road Art: Art Cars and the Museum of the Streets

Just sent a slew of Art Car images to the editors, for a new book.  We'll see what they use...
Yay, Publishers!  Yay, Art Cars!  Yay, Art in Unexpected Places by Real People!

Speck Press's site

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesdays - the Most Productive Day of the Workweek

... according to some studies, of which I don't have the real reference, so it's a Factoid. (Factoid: an unproven fact - guarenteed to make something seem important!!)

But, yesterday was purty darn productive too!

Received the FedEx Flickr prints for hi-res scanning, starting to figure out FTP uploading with a new interface, and sent off the first of the American Road articles.

And, talked to the Superintendant of Public Works for Tipton, Missouri, about the 8-Ball watertower. It's one of my top favorites, as it was one of the first impressions of the middle of Missouri when the family moved there in 1977 or 78...

Today, just re-calibrated the scanner and working on Fulcrum Books images, still writing a years worth of columns, and new Humanities Council proposals for talks. And, working through a months worth of leftovers...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dole Pineapple Remembered

First Monday of the New Year

... and things are a-changin'. The Kansas Arts Commission and Kansas Humanities Council have re-addressed needs in the current economic climate, with some changes in funding and programming. Luckily, WLT Inc. is still on the KHC Speakers Bureau, as well as the KAC Arts on tour Roster - they're great ways to bring us in to your community, with affordable programming.

KAC Arts on Tour

KHC Speakers Bureau

Book a project or a lecture, and keep the Arts and Humanities in our communities! They build better people through cultural enrichment, and it's up to you to make sure they're preserved...

Thanks for the opportunity!
-Erika Nelson, Director
WLT Inc.

Friday, January 2, 2009

WLT Online for another year...

In wrapping up yearly business, we've renewed our SCA Membership, as well as our Hosting and Domain registrations.  Here's to making lists, checking twice, and marking those suckers off!

Art Car Books a-plenty

Working on permissions and hi-res files for a Fulcrum Books project... this is a detail from Jan Elftmann's Cork Truck.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snapfish Archiving - Done!

From the beginning of WLT Inc, we've been using an online photo printer, with a convenient system for mailing in film.  One of the super-special added bonuses was that they would also post a digital version, which you could simply right-click and download. 
Two years ago, we realized how many images were only (digitally) stored on Snapfish, so we started archiving.  Mid-way through, other projects got in the mix, and the archiving process was put on a back burner.  Today, when checking on accounts, we discovered that the download feature had been altered to a pay only download.  For our own images...
SO, our sneaky clever computer department figured out a work-around, and finished the archive download of all hosted images.  It's been a long final 10 hour stretch, but it's done!  And, a good reminder that anything online, especially services, should be backed up immediately upon realization, as technology and information presentation changes rapidly.  Save it while you're able!
Thanks, Rachel, for the emergency download day...
-EN, Dir. WLT