Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why World's Largest Things Loves Lucas Kansas

Advantages of basing your operation in a small town:

1. When you call the fire department because a limb has pulled the power line away from the house (but not disconnected) creating a brilliant display of sparks and arcs just feet away from the business computers, you can watch the volunteer firemen get into the trucks and speed over from the station just two blocks away.

2. When your utilities are impared by bad weather, the City Crew will hunt you down and tell you how things are going

3. The folks at the bank will explain everything about an account, no matter how small, and address your concerns immediately (especially when it comes to stopping a check written to a fraudulant slam/scam solicitation). And they'll ask how the fire went.

4. The printer doing your newsletters won't hesitate to call you to proof it on the press, after making sure the sparks from the electrical box haven't started a fire in the wall (see #1 above).

5. The postmaster knows you by name, and will also take the time to research and explain options available for mailing as a Non-Profit entity, even sending a copy of your newsletter to their head office for design advice, complying with postal codes for smooth delivery. And, she'll ask how the fire went.

6. They'll read Weekly Whats Large Where out loud at the Assisted Living center every week, from the paper printed by #4 above, and make sure to ask how the fire went at the next Chamber of Commerce meeting.

7. You can look out the window at the folk art environment next door after a winter storm, help clean up broken limbs, and have your own limbs removed by the time you get home by an anonymous person. And the other people removing limbs will ask how the fire went.

8. The folks at the cafe will tell the story of the World's Largest Thing in town better than the people who made it happen (#2 above), and they'll ask about the fire.

9. With internet service (provided by the same people who donated the substrate for Lucas's World's Largest Thing), geography no longer matters, and you can enjoy the quality of life afforded by Small Town living, while still keeping connected with the global marketplace.

World's Largest Things Loves Lucas!

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