Thursday, December 18, 2008

From the Email Inbox: New World's Largest Dancing California Raisin, Fresno CA

I am one of 8 Marketing Students at Fresno State who just broke a world record. We have created the Worlds largest California Dancing Raisin for our Marketing 188 class at Fresno State. Dr. Rice, Our teacher has done these things with past classes and we decided to do it as well. I have attached a link that was on the news and also a picture. Thank  you very much, Andrew Ferrua
Re: California Raisin
Wonderful - thanks for the information!  Was there a previous record for a Dancing Raisin, or did you set a new one?  And, where will this new record-breaker live after your semester ends?

I'm familiar with Dr. Rice's class, and even sat down to chat with him five years ago about the Marketing 188 projects.  Glad to see them revived!
-Erika Nelson, Director
World's Largest Things, Inc.

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CWeber02 said...

I too am one of the 8 students that built this Giant Raisin. To answer your previous question, the raisin will eventually come to rest in the American Advertising Icon Museum in Kansas City, Missouri when it opens in August of 2009. Currently it is being held in storage until then. Cal, as we have named him, is also due to be featured on the Food Network's Unwrapped in late January. - Cassidy Weber