Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Waymarking with Zippy the Pinhead!

This is completely brilliant - utilizing the awesome metaphysical powers of Zippy the Pinhead and his appreciation for Roadside Vernacular Architecture, along with the group-think of Waymarking:  Here it is!  Waymarking Category for Sites Featured in Zippy the Pinhead strips
Whoop!  Here's the basic idea:
The purpose of this category is to locate and waymark specific locations featured in Zippy the Pinhead Comics.

Bill Griffith is the creator and artist of Zippy the Pinhead. Week after week Zippy visits interesting locations worldwide.

In his daily-strip incarnation, Zippy spends much of his time traveling and commenting on interesting places; recent strips focus on his fascination with roadside icons featuring giant beings; Zippy also frequently participates in his long-running conversation with the giant fiberglass doggie mascot of San Francisco's "Doggie Diner" chain (later, the Carousel diner near the San Francisco Zoo). The website encourages people to send photos of interesting places for Zippy to visit in the strip. Source and additional information: Wikipedia

Mark your maps with this new method!  And, we'll start incorporating the links on our own List of What's Large Where


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