Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From the Email Inbox: W.L. Elevated Tank, San Diego CA

An information request from a WLT Member:
I mentioned to you a water tower in my neighborhood of North Park - San Diego, CA and how I had seen a historic photo of it claiming to be the world largest elevated tank. You said you knew someone who might be able to confirm this. Can you help me out here?

I have attached that photo from 1924.  The sign in the photo reads:

"Bottom for largest elevated tank in the world

Diameter 54 feet

Height 128 feet

Capy. 1200000 gals

San Diego, Calif."

Some additional info:  Contractor was the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company, Tank is supported 50 feet above ground, Height of tank is 52 feet, Height from foundation to the overflow cap is 127.5 feet, When fully loaded the tank held approximately 5000 tons of water, Steel structural plates weighed 400 tons

Source: North Park: A San Diego Urban Village 1896-1946, Donald P. Covington, Hon Consulting Inc. 2007

I have also attached a photo of how it stands today, one of it in the context of the neighborhood and one of me dressed in my water tower costume in last year's Christmas parade.

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful collection!   V.

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