Friday, December 18, 2009

Re: Largest chessboard

Ooooh - thank you, Eddie - that certainly does beat the Morro Bay board, as well as the MeaChess installations. They both tout themselves as 'playable', but I suppose this one is, too, just a little less access to the public.  Thanks for the info, and what will happen when the game is completed?  Will they reinact any other famous matches, or possibly use it for mirroring games at major events, real-time?
-Erika Nelson, Director
World's Largest Things, Inc.
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I was looking at your site and saw "The largest Chessboard".
You may want to check this out....this chessboard is 3 stories high and placed on a blank wall of the adjacent apartment building. Each chess piece is a disc, 2-1/2 feet in diameter. The chessboard features the end of a famous historical chess match between world champions. At high noon each Wednesday, a workman goes aloft in a "cherry picker" to advance the game. A flag flies throughout the week indicating which color is to play next. 767 Third Avenue is recognized as one of Manhattans signature buildings.!!!
Eddie Kilkenny

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