Thursday, February 4, 2010

Worlds Largest Documentary - World Premeir at SXSW!!!

Way to go, Amy and Lizzy!  They've been working for a while on this look at World's Largest across the U.S., and the WORLD PREMEIR IS HERE!  At the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin.
(WLT Director Erika was interviewed for this film in 2004, but I have no idea if I made the cut.  Either way, it's going to be an important tool in telling the story of Small Towns that Think Big)


Amy said...

Hey Erika! Thanks for the shout out. We're really psyched about this - think it's a great fit for the film. And you did make the final cut by the way, albeit briefly!

World's Largest Things, Inc. said...

Whoop! Glad to know I'll be a tiny part of the Big Project... Again, Kudos, and can't wait to see it!