Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Weekend for World's Largest Things

The WLT Board met to hash out short-term and long-term strategy, as well as logistics for the upcoming Kansas City Belger Art Center Rare Visions/Detour Art Show. We're all in a wait-and-see by necessity, but support from members (we have 3 new since January!) is still strong, and we're known for doing a lot with a little.

Advice request: Is there an easy online calendar/scheduling system? Fans want to know about upcoming lectures and shows, so we're looking for an intuitive, social-network-friendly way of posting events.

Today's Project: Interpretive signage for the formerly Mobile Museum, and investigating insurance and licensing as a parade vehicle

Tonight's Project: New and renewing Member Packets, and Mailing List updates.

Tomorrow's Project: Completing above list, and remembering to enjoy the Big World out there in all of its Small Wonders.

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