Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bacolicious a Big Tasty Success!

All enjoyed the most recent WLT project, the Bacolicious installation at the Smoky Hill River Festival (http://www.riverfestival.com/salina/)  in Salina Kansas. 
Using a specially-designed product called Put-In-Cups (http://www.putincups.com/shop/index.php), the oversized strips of bacon are assembled from plastic inserts in a chain-link fence.  Three pieces made it up this year, with a lot of volunteer help.  There had been plans for four, but 20 hours and numberous bleeding fingers later, we decided on the traditional serving-size of three...
This was a temporary display, only up through the Festival weekend (June 12 - 14), but will re-appear on the North Tennis Court fence at the next fabulous event.
Thanks for help, Bacolicious Brothers, and for the great comments and pictures, WLT fans!