Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lucas featured in two new national publications

NEWS RELEASE:  June 17, 2009
CONTACT:  Erika Nelson,
Residents sometimes forget the unique place Lucas Kansas has on the national (and international!) roadmap.  Two new publications again focus on this amazing tiny town, with a lot of print space given to local attractions and culture.
First, the Society for Commerical Archeology Journal Spring 2009 issue features a 2000 word article, with over a dozen full color images, examining the Garden of Eden and it's impact.  This is an academic Journal, sent out to scholars and researchers, universities and members only.  It's used as the benchmark for a specific industry, the study of the American roadside.  Articles here often find themselves used as the basis for major thesis projects, cited in additional articles, and used as a valued resource.  The article in this issue was originally produced by Erika Nelson and Jon Blumb for Raw Vision magazine, and is re-printed here in its entirety.  Not only are there 8 full color pages inside, an historic photo of the Garden is used for the cover art.
Second, Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations have released a new Coast to Coast Travel-O-Pedia, a 200-plus page book listing all the interesting, amazing, and offbeat sites their fan-base needs to see.  The chapters are broken up by region, and the entire Midwest section starts out with Garden of Eden photos and kudos in the second paragraph:  "The list always begins in Lucas with the Garden of Eden."  These folks LOVE Lucas, and all it has to offer.  Town sites also grace the cover, as well as the standard listings in the information section, detailing hours and type of attractions found in Lucas.  And, one of S.P. Dinsmoor's sculptures is the largest element in the cover design, pointing the way to amazing things.
Congratulations, Lucas, on being exactly what you are.  Please, take a moment to remember how special and amazing a town like ours is, and that we have friends across the nation.

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