Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"I'm SOMEBODY!" Biggest Kudos Yet for the WLCoWSVoWLT


Just got two email messages in quick succession - I'm a question in the KSHSAA Scholars' Bowl!

From Rocky: HEY so i was helping with a scholars' bowl in natoma today, and one of the questions was about you!!! although someone from lincoln got it wrong....they said Jay Leno......what the heck right? dont worry, i glared at them..

From Rocky's Mom: By the way Erika. R. helped out with a Scholar's Bowl in Natoma today. One of the questions to the students was, "Erika Nelson of Lucas was on what late night talk show?" Student buzzed in Jay Leno! Beeeeep!! R. thought it was so neat to hear that. YOU ROCK GIRL YOU ARE NOW APART OF TRIVIA!!! WooHoo!!!

It's an honor. A true honor. Better than anything on the Shameless Self-Promotion bookshelf yet...

*answer: Erika was on Conan. See for yourself: Erika on Conan, Dec. 22, 2010

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