Sunday, October 21, 2007

Methodists Mens and Womens Fish Fry

Yay! Return visit to the Cawker City and Glen Elder annual fish fry. They put on a great spread, with homemade fish caught in the past 36 hours and deep fried, lots of salad variations, and my favorite, pink cake. Then, while they digested, I gove a slide presentation of recent doin's with World's Largest Things in a Slide Show Extravaganza.

Best of all, a few in the crowd are ringers - the caretaker of the World's Largest Ball of Twine, Linda Clover, was there, as well as a regional artist responsible for creating the Twine Walk in Cawker City - an installation of reproductions of masterworks of art, with a twine ball hidden in each one. Cher Heller Olson is the mastermind behind the Twine Paintings, which serves a dual purpose of getting people to explore downtown Cawker City, as well as giving the population a lesson in Art History, too!

Images of both Linda and some of the Twine Paintings are on the 50th Birthday Party Page from 2003...

Great evening...

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