Wednesday, November 7, 2007

From the Email Inbox: wooden nickel

Subject: wooden nickel

We paid a visit to the Wooden Nickel Museum in San Antonio yesterdeay (11/6/07) and were disapponted to find it closed for renovations - they didn't say when it would re-open. We got some nice pictures that I thought you might be able to use on your website - I am attaching a front and back view. Please feel free to use, delete or whatever! I started my visits to the World's Largest whatever quite by accident three years ago on our road trip to AZ (taking my parents to AZ for the winter - they wouldn't think of flying and being in their 80's, have no business driving!) I have used you website numerous times to enhance our trips and have gotten some really good pictures as well as some cherished memories from the trips!

-Georgetown, OH

Thanks for the image, and the great website kudos!  I'm glad to be a part of your vacation planning... I try to keep the list of What's Large Where as updated as possible, but there are always those unexpected 'closed for whatever reason' instances... I wonder what, exactly, is IN the Wooden Nickel Museum?!?!

Thanks again for W.L. Wooden Nickel pics, and happy travels!

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