Saturday, November 10, 2007

World's Largest Motorcycle on YouTube

11 feet high. 20 feet long. And, a $300,000 pricetag. No one believed he could pull it off, but he built it anyway. Alone in his workshop at home, Greg Dunham crafted the world's largest motorcycle. Not only does the giant machine look amazing, it actually drives!


Anonymous said...

I originally caught wind of this on some Japanese TV channel, in about two seconds, I thought "This has got to be on YouTube, and I was right! UNF***ing believable! What an accomplishment! I hope the developer can make a few million bucks on this, just for appearances at race tracks and parades. Change the tank to look like a Harley, and next stop, Daytona and Sturgis!
Make the most of it! $$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

I bet he would have trouble getting motorcycle insurance for that thing, lol.