Sunday, January 13, 2008

From the Email Inbox: Worlds largest book, La Jolla CA

Hello, Erica, and Happy 2008!

I just stumbled upon your wonderful site, looking for a little joke to cheer up an under the weather friend. I found what I needed, and then stayed to look through your offerings.

I was infinitely AMUSED AND AMAZED! You've done a great job, Erica!

May I contribute one little thing? I happen to have a photo of the WORLDS LARGEST BOOK, and it is here in La Jolla (not in "Liberal" as noted on the site)

I have this information because my daughter, Brittany, started a little non-profit charitable foundation to encourage children to place books into their classroom libraries. (

For a publicity stunt, to publicize the good work her foundation was doing, she had her picture taken, with many of the donated books, in front of this, the world's largest book.

I have attached the photo for you, and you have our permission to include it on your website. It is in the La Jolla public Library on Draper street. If you want the title you can call them. Their website is:

If you look closely at the two attched photos you can see the gloved hands of the Librarians holding the page open. It is no longer displayed standing up, to preserve it better.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!


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