Tuesday, June 3, 2008

From the Email In-box: More World's Largest Cornflake

Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 3:09 PM
Subject: Attn: Erika Nelson, Director
Hello Erika,
We think we might have a bigger Corn Flake than the other we found mention of on your blog.
Yes, it is from a Kellogg's package, and we saved the box.
It's measurements are about 85 mm tall (including my best guess  of the fold) by 50 mm wide.
We found it this morning (Tuesday, June 2, 2008).
We would love to hear from you when you find anything official.
Lisa & Erica
Zion, IL

Oh, wonderful!  I think we may have a winner here - I'll keep checking!
-Erika Nelson, Director, WLT Inc.


Any idea how to preserve this thing? LOL I can just see the dog eating it or something! My Erica would be so mad!


I would keep it in a rigid, crush-proof box with some padding (kleenex) underneath - not too tight. Like an acrylic box that baseball collectors use, or the like, see-through so you don't accidentally pick it up and say "Hey! Empty box! I'll just wing it across the room..."

Find a dry, non-humid place and you shoule be fine! I have an older, smaller flake that got broken in shipment, that's four years old now with no visible signs of aging.

Thanks again for writing in, and I'll keep a running record of Giant Flake sightings....


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