Sunday, June 8, 2008

World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Version of the World's Largest Things, Lucas Kansas

It is the start of Tourist Season, which means there are people wandering through the Art Car Yard and Home Base of the WLCoWSVoWLT - Always Open When Parked! We're located at 226 Kansas Avenue, just south of the historic Outsider Art environment "S.P. Dinsmoor's Garden of Eden".

Today, a family of four stopped for a chat, in the midst of a wandering vacation with no set plans (the best way to travel!!). I know there were some additional visitors Saturday while Scout, Erika, and part of the Collection traveled to Courtland KS, as there were items in the Donation bin. June 4th and 5th brought a whole slew of visitors and locals to the yard, but it was to gaze in awe at the Phone Car, which stopped over for the night.

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