Friday, June 27, 2008

Giant Tricycle from Farm Show publication

Farm Show has to be one of my favorite publications.  It features images, stories, and how-tos from farmers across the US who have invented tools (and sometimes toys) to make their lives easier.  They're practicle, functional, and ingenious inventions, from people who know how to make stuff. 
Excerpts from the July-August 2007 issue, here's a great "Big Boy" Tricycle powered by a 1-cyl. engine...
Harlen Grovom and his friends in the North Dakota Pioneer Association had a great time building a giant 3wheeler this past winter.  It's now a big hit at parades and shows.
The big spoked front wheel with an 11" x 36" tire came from a 1950s combine.  The two small back wheels are off a corn planter.  We used some angle iron and metal parts off a drill for the frame, including the front wheel steering spindle.  The front forks were made from 2 x 3 inch steel tubing.  The rear wheels are driven by a 1-cyl. LB International 5 hp gas engine.
Foot rests welded half-way up the front forks supply the 'power steering'.  The giant steel pipe handlebars measure 4 feet across.

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