Thursday, January 1, 2009

Snapfish Archiving - Done!

From the beginning of WLT Inc, we've been using an online photo printer, with a convenient system for mailing in film.  One of the super-special added bonuses was that they would also post a digital version, which you could simply right-click and download. 
Two years ago, we realized how many images were only (digitally) stored on Snapfish, so we started archiving.  Mid-way through, other projects got in the mix, and the archiving process was put on a back burner.  Today, when checking on accounts, we discovered that the download feature had been altered to a pay only download.  For our own images...
SO, our sneaky clever computer department figured out a work-around, and finished the archive download of all hosted images.  It's been a long final 10 hour stretch, but it's done!  And, a good reminder that anything online, especially services, should be backed up immediately upon realization, as technology and information presentation changes rapidly.  Save it while you're able!
Thanks, Rachel, for the emergency download day...
-EN, Dir. WLT

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World's Largest Things, Inc. said...

backups are in the backup stack and with the physical photos - labeled Snapfish Archives - just in case we both die in a firey auto crash, and people need WLT pics