Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesdays - the Most Productive Day of the Workweek

... according to some studies, of which I don't have the real reference, so it's a Factoid. (Factoid: an unproven fact - guarenteed to make something seem important!!)

But, yesterday was purty darn productive too!

Received the FedEx Flickr prints for hi-res scanning, starting to figure out FTP uploading with a new interface, and sent off the first of the American Road articles.

And, talked to the Superintendant of Public Works for Tipton, Missouri, about the 8-Ball watertower. It's one of my top favorites, as it was one of the first impressions of the middle of Missouri when the family moved there in 1977 or 78...

Today, just re-calibrated the scanner and working on Fulcrum Books images, still writing a years worth of columns, and new Humanities Council proposals for talks. And, working through a months worth of leftovers...

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