Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bay Area Souvenir Show!

Here's the official invitation from "Wish You Were Here" - a re-imagined souvenir show in SanFrancisco, opening Thursday Feb. 21st.
Ken Duffy and I (Erika Nelson) collaborated on a set of "Genericana Souvenir Travel Plates" - He took photos of bay area McDonalds, and I reproduced them on paper plates with a bic ballpoint pen.  Tastefully displayed on high-quality wicker picnic plate holders, stop by and see 'em ('cause I can't!)
Attached is one of the Genericana Plates, and you can see the whole series on Flickr, with links to Ken's original pics...
Here's to Living Large!
-Erika Nelson, director, World's Largest Things, Inc.

PS - Ken also went to the opening, as I couldn't - he's posted his pics to Flickr, also: Wish You Were Here

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