Sunday, February 10, 2008

Members, we've got Members, we've got scores and scads and groups and wads of Members

OK, so not a score YET, (whoops - yes, we have scores, see the comment section) but new batch for the week brings us up to Member Number 99!

The 100th New Member will receive a Special Bonus One-of-a-Kind premium, so sign up to be a Become the 100th Member of World's Largest Things, Inc.!!!

Packets in the mail Monday, to our three renewing and seven newest members!

Thank you again for your continued support...
-Erika Nelson, Director, World's Largest Things, Inc.


World's Largest Things, Inc. said...

Actually, you DO have a score, in fact, FOUR SCORE. You're working on the fifth score (5 x 20 = 100!)


World's Largest Things, Inc. said...

I was just going to correct that! You beat me to it...