Sunday, July 27, 2008

From the Catsup Bottle Lady, regarding the Hawaii Pineapple destruction...

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on the way to work, but gotta say that the reduction of the pineapple was an inspiration for my first press release announcing that the catsup bottle's distant cousin was an example of what we did not wan to happen with our bottle! I lived in Honolulu and the pineapple has upside down Minihunas painted on it, they are like trolls or elves in Hawaii.....spelling is probably worng, but I bet the loss of elevation made the spirits angry!!!!! I used to laff at the pineapple and play with my girls because the roads wind around so much on the island that one second you are looking out of the left side of the car and the next the pineapple has "moved" to the right side view from the car! Now that was cool!!!!! gotta run, late!!!!! thanks again for joining us for the fest!!! Love, Judy

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