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Re: Where's the World's Largest Doctor's Bag?

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Subject: Where's the World's Largest Doctor's Bag?

I couldnt find its address for that. I know it is located in Wilmington, DE. Id really appreciated if u found the address or directions for that. Many thanks

Hi there - sorry for the delay, but we've been on the road for a week or so, and I needed to get out the Wilmington area map with the circle on it... While I didn't write down the address, I believe I located it on Google Maps while cross-referencing - If I'm looking at it right, the giant doctors bag should be here:

39.698220, -75.654480

Not sure if this is considered Newark DE, Newport, Wlimington, or something else alltogether.

Nearest major navigation points would be Christiana hospital (which is a bit south and west of the Dr. Bag) and the Hale-Byrnes House...(which is just across Hwy 7/Hwy 4 to the East).

The Doctors Bag is sitting on the NE corner of a large building (medical? doctors offices?) that faces Stanton Christiana Road (Hwy 7/Hwy 4). You actually access it from Twin C Lane

Hope this helps, and gets you there! If you do go and see, would you write back with the business name in the large building, and address, so future seekers can have clearer directions?

Thanks for asking!
-Erika Nelson, Director, World's Largest Things, Inc.

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