Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Workin', Emailin', and Writin'

It's been a great catch-up set of days, including:
Direction-finding for the giant Doctor's Bag in the Wlimington DE area, slogging through Weekly Whats Large Where columns (getting there!  Just a few more dates needed for August), uploading images to the image blog, responding to an extremely nice letter from a man in Audubon Iowa, detailing his personal experiences as one of the structural builders of the World's Largest Bull, sending off products to members and fans, and ordering a new bit of merchandise for the museum (members, you'll find out first!). 
Heading out Wednesday for a show in Lousiville, just a block over from the World's Largest Baseball Bat, then a lecture in Pittsburgh Kansas to a Housing Conference, Community Art Car Painting in St. Joseph Missouri, and then we'll be in the middle of August.
Keep on Living Large, and thanks for all the eyes and info gatherers out there along the American Roadside.

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