Thursday, September 25, 2008

WLT Doin's

WLT Shameless Self Promotion, going strong...
We just folded 150 newsletters for inclusion in packets for the German Car Club show in Salina Kansas this Saturday.  Yes, we are members, since the Gerstenslager SOUNDS German (it's made in Ohio) AND there's a tie to the Weinermobile (from Madison Wisconsin, but c'mon!  It's got Wiener in the title!). 
Also, we've been answering email questions about World's Largest, including Czech egg for Wilson KS, a man contemplating building the World's Largest Brochure, and receiving some great images of World's Largest from across the US.
We're also getting together a Members Only Update, and printing cards with renewal reminders.  Magnets, Mini Moo, and so much more to come...  Yay, sap of Fall!
-EN & RW

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