Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wolrld Largest Czech Egg Wilson Kansas

Subject: wolrld largest czech egg

Hi, I talked to you about a year ago about the worlds largest czech egg. We are proceding with the project and maybe you could give me some info.You took a czech egg and cropped it in on Wilson's main street and it looks great, but I don't remember the dimensions of what our egg would have to be. If you have a minute, contact me and we can go from there.
Thanks, so much for your help.
Sharon Holloway.
Pres. Wilson C of C
Re:  World's Largest Czech Egg, Wilson Kansas
Hi there - I'm so excited you're pursuing this project!
So far, there are two other eggs in the US, and one very large one in Canada.  None of these are Czech eggs, although the Canadian one is a Russian decorated egg (World's Largest )
US eggs:  Winlock Washington's is 12 feet long, mounted on a 10 foot pole. Mentone Indiana's is 10 feet high, on the ground
The Canadian egg is huge - 25 and a half feet long, 18 feet wide.
Here's a good page with descriptions of them all:
Hope this helps, and let me know what else I can do!

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