Thursday, November 6, 2008

World's Largest Tuned Musical Windchimes, Eureka Springs Arkansas

Hey Erika,
Ranaga Farbiarz here, of The World's Largest Tuned Musical Wind Chime  (TWLTMWC), in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

So, when are you going to come down and finally see it and make a replica?  ..  Anyway, hello from Arkansas and ...I hope you'll be able to  come down soon and visit.  I'll be looking forward to meeting you!
et's a man,
N. Ranaga Farbiarz
Celestial Windz Harmonic Bizaar
Home of the world's largest tuned musical wind chime
381 Highway 23 South
Eureka Springs, Ar 72632
Here are links to stuff you might like to read or hear.  Please feel  free to distribute to anyone and everyone.
Thanx for your friendship & support, Namaste, et's a man, Ranaga 
NPR-National Public Radio-Jan. 15, 2007-"All Things Considered"
Wind Chime Puts Arkansas Town in Guinness Records
This is a short 3 minute piece, but it was broadcast nationally
KUAF-University of Arkansas NPR affiliate
Dec. 31, 2007-"Ozarks at Large"
*Those large chimes just outside of Eureka Springs are getting more attention...this time for setting a world record*
This piece was closer to 10 minutes long and was broadcast regionally  in the Northwest Arkansas area only.  Fast forward 25 minutes into  the broadcast.
Arkansas Democrat Gazette-Jan. 15, 2007-Perspectives Section
The Holocaust and me:  A son tells how his parents survived the war by Natan Ranaga Farbiarz
This is the permanent archival link for the article, it has the full  text, graphics and photos:
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