Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Art in a Small World

Art 21 - a great series from PBS, premiering now - See the official page

But, even better, the Salina Art Center has been showing them in the Art Center Cinema, enabling area artists a sneak peek, and discussions afterwards. During intermission, the coordinator for the Smoky Hills River Festival turns around and says: "Oh, did I tell you? During a Festival Planners Conference, one of the Pennsylvania coordinators says he saw the Bacolicious installation in a newsletter, and thought 'Well, EVERYONE loves BACON!', reads further, and thought 'Well, of COURSE it was in Salina!'" Small world - turns out, the PA Coordinator gets the WLT Newsletter! He's a Society for Commercial Archeology member, and saw the item on the 'recent doin's' section...

Art, bringing crazy people together since cave painting time.

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