Thursday, October 15, 2009

Road Show: Art Cars and the Museum of the Streets

It's always lovely when a WLT Member puts out a new book, and Ruthann Godollei has been working on this one (along with Eric Dregni) for a few years... It's an inclusive look at Art Cars, embellished vehicles, and the history of customization.  It will, I believe, become the resource book for generations studying the movement, as it goes beyond the immediate Art Car world, and expands the examination to other cultures, horse-drawn vehicles, productmobiles, lowriders, and extreme car culture. 
AND, we're especially pleased to be a part of the project!  Not only did we contribute some images, but Ruthann gives the WLCoWSVoWLT a great long description, with a full-page photo (even though the image isn't that spectacular - our fault...), AND, super-special-extra-added bonus, we scored a spot in the Acknowledgements paragraph.   That's a first here, and we are honored and humbled.
Order one now!  Available through Amazon: 

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