Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Travel Writers LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucas.

Posted today on a Travel Industry site, an article from a travel writer that came through last week...

On Location Rural Kansas: One Motherquirky Little Town

Wednesday, 14 October 2009
Little Lucas has a big heart and big talent to go with it.  This teensy speck of a town has been a magnet for creative minds for many years, the result of which is a place where art is integrated into daily life.  Increasingly, Lucas is becoming a tourist magnet as well.  Do you have clients who enjoy going off the beaten path but want to stay on the road to cooldom?  Kansas is the new Meatpacking District; with scores of grand old buildings and warehouses being converted into artspace, the state is attracting alternative types and enjoying a cultural birth astonishing in its ability to work itself into a rural lifestyle. 
Erika Nelson, whose refreshing freespiritedness and positive thinking will have cynics won over in record time, is another Lucas resident who is putting the town on the map of art appreciators across the United States.  When not creating the world's largest souvenir travel plate, which just happens to welcome visitors to Lucas, Erika makes small statues of big statues.  More correctly, she makes the world's smallest versions of the world's largest things.  She travelled around the US for two years in her magical van, now decorated with myriad collections inside and out.  Erika's renown is set to grow substantially in 2010, when she will appear as an invited artist at the famous Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.

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