Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to business

There's always more than a couple item of business to attend to when you're out of the home office for 6 days...

First, half-way through setting up local banking for WLT, Inc - even the professionals have computer glitches, though, so after an hour and a half of poking things that weren't going to work, we'll try again tomorrow...

Returning calls about appearances, but the old Mobile Museum is no longer road worthy - sorry to disappoint potential venues, but keep an eye out for the NEW IMPROVED World's Largest Things Museum in 2009!

Speaking of which, another member renewal from Washington state will help us make the goal...

AND heard from two advisory board members today...

Josh, maker of Big Things in Minnesota, is working with the Olivia Chamber of Commerce making some character Ears of Corn for photo opps, which will stand beside the existing Ear of Corn. The Chamber wanted to know if there's really IS the World's Largest, so looked up the current iconic records:

Rochester Minnesota, watertower painted like ear of corn, 60' tall (corn), standing 151' tall atop its structure.

Olivia MN, need to get some accurate measurements - reports vary from 12' tall (Minnesota Marvels book) to 35' tall (Local Housing Policy: The Small-Town Myth and
Economic Development USDA article), but it's a 'true' W.L. Thing in that it's a sculptural element rather than an applied design

Shelby IA, 76' corn stalk incorporating Ag elements, in a sort of wire-frame.

Coon Rapids IA, 10' rotating Ear of Corn, with plans for a 50' version (not likely - old plans...)

He also passed along some good ideas for dimensional design apps for the New Mobile Museum... Wheels are a'turnin'!

AND, heard from Brian Butko, author of the newest book focusing on Roadside Attractions, called "Roadside Attractions" (Huh! Whodaguessedit!), just out from Stackpole Books.

Got my copy in the mail last week, and there's a full color half page about the bus on Pg. 22, Lucas Kansas section pgs. 55-56. Thanks, Brian!

Now, time to address some of the other fires, and create a Member Packet for the latest renewal...

-Erika, Director, World's Largest Things, Inc.

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