Thursday, August 23, 2007

Working on the big plan...

Spent the afternoon discussing the best financial software to use - upon the recommendation of a tech friend, I think we're going with QuickBooks Pro... But, open to suggestions, accompanied by rationale!

One other recommendation was PeachTree, but the QuickBooks people claim that PeachTree isn't as flexible when it comes to keeping track of mobile units, micro-managing mileage and per diems and on-the-road aspects that are going to be critical once the NEW Mobile Museum is on the road. Another advantage of QuickBooks, according to my tech insider, is that there's a plug-in called AyaNova, which is designed for the service industry, keeping in-the-field techs in communication and on track.

The PeachTree advocate says the major advantage is the management of projects - i.e., specific campaigns to accomplish a particular goal within the greater structure of the organization.

So far, still researching - have ordered more pertinant info from both sources. Your input is welcome if you know something that does all of this!

Thank you,
Erika, World's Largest Things, Inc.

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