Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Minutes of Director's Meeting, Aug. 7 2007

Minutes of World's Largest Things, Inc., Board Meeting, August 7, 2007, 8 p.m.

Meeting was called to order by Erika Nelson, President

Minutes of previous meeting read and approved unanimously

Directors report read and approved unanimously

Treasurers report read and approved unanimously

Committee reports:

Membership committee – good response from renewal notices to WLT members with July newsletter. Five renewals, five new members. Need to send reminder notice to non-renewing members, work on better return list for second newsletter scheduled for fall.

Fundraising committee – Initial push starting – need to establish goals and timeframe for fundraising activities. Brainstorming fundraising events as it relates to Gerstenslager Mobile Museum development. Need to research Foundation Center resources with Advisory Board member.

Gerstenslager committee – work has started! Once action plan approved, and funds acquired, can start body work. Meanwhile, design concepts need to be produced for approval. Establishing booking procedures and rider for performance contracts, looking at protocols for vehicle ownership by a non-profit.

Old Business:

Advisory Board – all have been contacted and have said 'Yes'. Potential for moving onto actual board to be reviewed for 2008.

Newsletter – 350 produced and sent, last week of July, first week of August. Also, Non-Profit and imprint permit applied for and received from US Post Office, reducing rates.

New Business:

Resolution for Banking Procedures – Reviewed proposal for establishing banking relationship with bank local to WLThing Headquarters. Minimum funds acquired through memberships and donations from July newsletter, resolution adopted unanimously, Resolution signed by acting secretary.

Gerstenslager Action Plan - Reviewed initial budget breakdown for achievability, need to acquire blueprints with real and true measurements for initial design work and soliciting material quotes from potential design partners. Unanimous approval of budget with stipulation of review at each meeting until project completed. Titling, ownership, and resolution for purchase addressed at next meeting of Board of Directors.

Goals – Board Packet reviewed and edited – need further revision before approval. Agreed to have revised rough available for Board Members and Advisory Board by Sept. 15 2007.

Other business:

Brainstorming – Marketing possibilities and community partnerships for Mobile Museum development – established list of possible trade-offs for underserved communities, for inclusion on Mobile Museum exterior graphic development. Establish a value for publicity in recent articles and publications (as listed in External Validation list) as proof of performance.

Brainstorming session for website – development of sister site not conducive to browser experience. Need to update index to reflect new status, with quick clean links to everything. Creation of online blog to supplement web presence of WLR, Inc. , increasing corporate transparancy and sort of 'diary' of activities that may otherwise be forgotten in the long term.

External Validation – Brian and Sarah Butko's new book "Roadside Attractions" just sent from publisher – have a ½ page inclusion with two color pics, as well as in-text citation in the Lucas Kansas section. Also, two upcoming inverviews, one for commercial promotion, one for travel and tourism, both for regional TV spots. Upcoming US and BBC release of ArtLand:USA program featuring interview with World's Largest Things, Season Two, Episode 4, premeiring Thurs. Oct. 25 on GalleryHD (dish network).

Meeting adjourned 10:30 p.m. with unanimous vote. Members present: Don Robertson, Anne Rohan, Erika Nelson

Minutes transcribed and posted 8-12-07, Rachel Wilson


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