Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rural Renewal

Heard from two board members today - one with links to more online resources and grantwriting workshops, the other with a Super Secret Business Plan development method - sorry, it's proprietary... So, we're in the middle of lotsa infrastructure and long-term planning!

Still waiting on banking snag to un-snag so we can complete the accounting setup, but you just can't rush the printer repairman...

Have two calls in to Arts agencies regarding grant opportunities for Non-Profit organizations - the bit of information that continually goes around is ASK! Ask about the previous successful applications - Ask about budget - Ask about recommendations in creating a successful program - Ask for help! It saves both of you time in the long run by cutting down on wasted energy in preparing a poor proposal.

And, got to promote Lucas as a "Great Town to Live In" to an awed tourist, even going as far as calling the local realtor to show her affordable housing in the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas... There's a certain special look that comes over one's face when the realization hits - "I can buy a house here outright, have no mortgage or rent, be connected to the world, and pursue that entrepreneurial dream in the Capital of Quirky!"

On a related note, anyone want to buy a church? Nice vaulted ceiling, utilities, two blocks off of downtown, includes nice lawn area, affordable! Great space for practicing artists, sculptors, singers, collectors of large things, or shop/business/artist residency space...

-EN, WLT, Inc.

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