Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kansas to L.A. World's Largest Things Whirlwind Tour!

Starting today!

Now that business is wrapped up for September, I can break out the map of circles. Possible stops on the way:

W.L. Easel, Goodland KS
W.L. Prairie Dog, Oakley KS
W.L. Flashlight, UNLV Las Vegas NV
W.L. Thermometer, Baker CA
Wigwam Village, San Bernardino CA
W.L. Cup, Riverside CA
W.L. Sack of Cement, Riverside CA
Shutter Shack, Westminster CA
Cadillac Building, Tarzana CA
The Tamale, E.LA CA
The Chili Bowl, LA CA
Watts Towers, LA CA
Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City CA
Chili Bowl, W. LA CA
Randy's Donuts, Inglewood CA
Donut Hole, LaPuente CA
Cabazon Dinosaurs, Cabazon CA
Cadillac Building, Long Beach CA
W.L. Binoculars, Venice CA
Burger that Ate LA, LA CA
Hi Jolly Monument, Quartsite AZ
W.L. Kachina, Carefree AZ
W.L. Sundial, Carefree AZ
TeePee Trading Post, Lupton AZ
Tinkertown, Sandia Park NM
W.L. Hercles Beetle, May Museum, Co. Springs CO
W.L. Rocking Chair, Penrose CO
Wonder Tower, Genoa CO

Whoop! I'll try to update as I travel, but it all depends on WiFi...

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