Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wide Reach of the WWWeb

This morning and afternoon I attended the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Osborne County Courthouse, and served as a dessert taste-tester (not as enjoyable as you think - chocolate is not on the top of the list of 'preferred' ingredients, and was a requirement of each of the entries...).

Since my Daily Driver Art Car Scout reflects what I do, there's always an opportunity to talk about World's Largest Things and Outsider Art to the public.

During one such conversation, I could see a lightbulb go off over one woman's head. She said "Ooooh - you're the big little big lady! We had a school assignment where the kids had to plan a trip and sites along the way from one point to another. They all did internet research to see what sites there were, and my son had your bus in Lucas as one of his stops! He loves your site..."

Can't get a better endorsement than that...


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