Monday, September 17, 2007

Update: Kokopelli- Camp Verde Arizona

From a World's Largest Things fan:

Subject: Kokopelli- Camp Verde Arizona
Update: Hello Erika
This is J.D. again. Please accept my apology to begin with, i went out to camp verde and what do i see the kokopelli. i talked to the shop people and found out that the owners had it cleaned up and waited until they reopened their gift shop; and the other business' before they put it back up. Just to let you know when i was out there a couple were taking thier picture by it and said they saw it on your web site. it was fun to talk to them and hear that for i told them my story with you, and how i am now embarassed about not checking first before writing you. May be the reason i am not a reporter,(chuckle). Anyway keep up the good work, and if i find anything of interest i will drop you a line.

Sincerly yours

Thanks for the update!  No need to apologize - it's a bizarre world out there, especially in regards to World's Largest Things.  Did you happen to take a picture of the newly refurbished Kokopelli? I may be through that way at the end of the month, and ask some probing questions about it's recent history...
Thanks again, and please, let me know of anything else you run across in the realm of Large!

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