Monday, September 17, 2007

One of the things we WON'T see in LA...

From Roadside America:
West Hollywood, California - Tail O' the Pup
It's now gone. There is just a roped off parking lot and the boarded-up back of the restaurant. The hot-dog facade is hopefully in storage. The last thing I heard is that there's a chance the stand will resurface in Westwood, about 5 miles away (a big move from San Vicente, to where it was moved in the 80's when it's site at LaCienega and Beverly was usurped by the entirely forgettable Hotel Sofitel..).

I hope to see it come back. I had the best celeb sighting ever in all my years living in LA here: Ella Fitzgerald, in a Chanel suit, delicately munching a hot dog while her Mercedes laundaulet purred at the curb, awaiting it's mistress.... [T, 03/15/2006]

[RA: December 2006 - Tail O' the Pup was forced to close at its San Vicente Blvd location in West Hollywood in early 2006. The owner of the property refused to renew the stand's lease and plans to develop the site as condominiums and a retirement community for gays and lesbians. Tail O' the Pup has survived relocation before, and there is hope that it may reopen in Westwood Village, on a parking lot at the corner of Broxton and Weyburn Aves.]

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