Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Defense of the World's Smallest Corn Maze

During a summer of challenging discussions of Big and Small-ness, many tenets of the World's Smallest Versions of World's Largest Things were challenged. One of the early projects, the World's Smallest Corn Maze, was summarily dismissed as invalid as it didn't use miniature corn. Here, dear WLT Fans and members, is the rebuttal:

OK, so long drives are great for think-time, and it hit me somewhere in the back alleys of Junction City that I am right, *name deleted for protection of the guilty* is wrong. The World's Smallest Corn Maze was totally completely awesome, and the perfect example of the genre.
Criticism of the size of the corn itself is an invalid argument - in the metrics inherent in the Corn Maze genre, the size of the maze (and the extrapolated superlatives) are based on square footage covered, or total path length, NOT the size of the element used in the structure. If I were making a World's Smallest Version of the World's Largest Corn Maze, then YES, I would need to use miniature corn. In making the World's Smallest Corn Maze, the elements necessary in making a corn maze are all addressed -
1. Choice of path (otherwise, it's a labyrinth)
2. Corn (single row, in elevated beds to further emphasize path)
3. Obscured goal (turns) ('cause a straight-line row of corn is just a row of corn, not a maze)
The unit of measure used in the established Corn Maze world is miles (and segments of miles) of path - the World's Largest Corn Maze title is awarded to the longest path maze, not a maze made of super-sized corn (although that, too, would be AWESOME). The World's Smallest Corn Maze, measuring in at .022727 (independently verified by two sources), meets all of the above criteria while being a concise and effective example of this seasonal agrarian form of family amusement.
World's Smallest Corn Maze, Autumn 2003, World's Largest Things Home Base, Lucas Kansas = Awesome.
Keep the challenges coming - I need to get my brain up to speed for the BIG BIG BIG Event, coming in December...
-Erika Nelson, Director, World's Largest Things Inc.
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