Sunday, November 7, 2010

WLT Online profiles

One of the difficult parts of living in the tech world is keeping track of web identities, especially when you have the added aggravation of being both an independent artist and educator AND the face of World's Largest Things. Here's a start of the list:

World's Largest Things on Facebook

World's Largest Things on Issuu

WLCoWSVoWLT Hand-Drawn Book on art house co-op

Erika/WLT on art house co-op

Erika/WLT on Flickr

World's Largest Things on Posterous

(where we do our Thing-A-Day stories)

Erika/WLT on Posterous

Erika on culturehall

As you can see, some sites are more, um, complete than others, but this gives some idea of the breadth of the World's Largest Things web... All in addition to the old favorite home site:

World's Largest Things Incorporated Home Site

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