Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LA Road Trip Day 6

9:00 - Up, packing, checking out but hanging out in the lobby. Had a nice conversation with the general manager of the hotel, and the valets washed the truck windshield. I think they may have finally taken me up on the offer to drive it around, too…

12:00 - 1:30 - Met with a producer over a stupendous French toast, thick cut artisan bread rolled in toasted almonds and corn flakes. More schemes they are a-hatchin'.

Off! Outta LA, to do some WLT biz.

L.A. traffic to Cabazon - yes, stop-n-go, but an Art Car can make all of this OK. Construction truck yells "LOVE IT! The Kansas license plate makes the whole thing!"

5:00 - Cabazonagain! This time without rain, and some great lighting…

6:50 - Salton Sea!

7:45 - Niland! What a difference a few hundred miles (and a few hundred dollars) makes…

DID YOU KNOW… there's Spanish Satellite/Dish Network? I didn't. It's awesome.


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