Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LA Road Trip Day 2

Day 2

9-ish, Drive 'rounds

9:40 - Stuckys! On 66… would it be completely sacreligious to my Roadside buds if I admitted that I don't 'get' the thing about 66? The SW has marketed it well, and it has a catchy jingle, but I suppose I'm just a Hwy. 50 gal myself…

10:02 - Ears popped, turned down radio

Came up on an older couple in tucumcari (can tell by the size of the car vs. size o' lil' whit heads, and the requisite Kleenex Box and Pillow in rear window) and saw that they passenger was in the 'takin pictures' position…

So, looked over and waved, and the driver (yes, a lil' old man) had about 20 facial piercings. Not lip or eyebrow, but facial. I Heart the American Road.

Noon - Noon Fifteen - Clives Corners - Old stop postcards!

Noon- Noon-fifteen - (bouncing between time zones, so just reporting what the phone says…) - 3 stops to find a TV Guide so I could have my public Steve Martin moment (I'm SOMEBODY! - phonebook scene from The Jerk). FINALLY! Found one, but no late-0night listings. Had to content myself with talking to the 9 people I talked to in parking lots along the way.

ZUZAX! Exit 178, NM Hwy 40 - that's gotta be a bazillion point score…

12:45 - passing by the World's Longest Tramway

Fancy car-wavin' day - Porsche in Albuquerque, and Provost tourbus and following crew bus with full-on curtains-aside faces-against-glass waving. Thanks, Whoever is On Tour!

Mile 135 - Rt 66 Hotel and Casino, may have the World's Largest Gravity Fed Gas Pumps for signage.. just across from the Rt. 66 bridge we visited at the Society for Commercial Archeology conference back in Aught Eight.

2:30 - Continental Divide

3:00 - "Ft. Courage - Take Pictures of Past - Don't Miss It"

3:20 - Arizona! And Painted Pony Indian Trading Post

3:30 - Largest Teepee in the Southwest

4:05 - Truck turned 293,000 miles! While going 82 MPH.

4:30 - Painted Desert

5:20 - Wigwam Village #6, TeePee #9. Tchotchkes, and some AMAZING sunset shots, then dusk and illumnated teepees and horses.

6:30 - Wine and cheese and smoke salmon, sleepin' the Wigwam Way, watching Grease and lounging in a log frame bed.

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Rick Kilby said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect day!