Tuesday, December 28, 2010

LA Road Trip Day 8 - Christmas Day

1:50 - Continental Divide. I love that the "no drinking" signs assume that truckers have a full bar set with martini glasses, cocktail olives, and swizzle sticks.

2:37 - Jackrabbit! Just sitting there, on the side of the road. I'm amazed each time I see one at how big they really are…


5:30 - OK, so the giant Roadrunner WAS at the rest stop I napped at, but not lit, so, drove 'round, fueled, and back to wait until daylight. Creepy Las Cruces thing - correctional facility and fairgrounds are at the same place.

7:00 - UP! Pics! Off!

7:15 - God a nod from a REALLY GOOD General Lee car - although Bo seemed to no longer be blonde, or Caucasian.

7:30 - Awww. Muffy. What'd they do to ya? Muffy and El Toro, NM 70

8:15 - White Sands, and more talk and checkpoint stops. Yes, I always get stopped.

8:40 - Alamargardo

8:45 -World's Largest Pistachio

WOW! Talarosa is COMPLETELY lined with luminaries! Traffic islands, curbs, the whole schebang - really makes the industrial parts look amazing.

2:30 - Texas!

Hereford - home of the Horrible Herd

3:54 - 295,000 miles - Happy Birthday Yet Again, Scout! (yes, dear reader, that would be 1000 miles in 24 hours…)

3:55 - 4:15 - Cadillac Ranch

6:40 - Oklahoma!

7:38 - Kansas!

8:30 - Moscow!

8:50 - Satanta has a teepee! On 56.

10:30 - Midway USA

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