Thursday, December 23, 2010

Erika on Conan! December 22, 2010


Unknown said...

Really enjoyed your appearance on Conan good luck with your work. Did not know that about cows and I live in Texas!!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular Erika!! You were very composed! What fun! All the best,

sunshine said...

Well done, Ericka! You did us cartists proud! AND I learned about cow hairballs! Never know when that might become a useful piece of info. LOL! Hey, Garden City, Kansas also has the world's largest swimming pool(also coldest!) Have you made a replica of that yet? Hope to see you at Art Car Fest!

HunterMann said...

Hey Erika,
What an excellent interview you did with Conan, cool! People like you are perfect people for talk shows, because you know your subject well and have the enthusiasm that makes for great TV viewing.

Your traveling show & art car are truly a great American roadside attraction. Hopefully you can make it out to Arizona to see "The Thing?" and visit Art Car World too.

Congrats on this brilliant national TV feature! I hope this plants a seed for the new year, that it grows into something that is, well... the world's largest roadside attraction.

Think big, but keep it small,

That Car said...

"...the -estiest of the -est..." I love it. What a great interview! Happy holidays!
Greg - That Car

Mona said...

Great job Erika. Very entertaining. Congrats on the exposure.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Erika, Erika, Erika, delightful, as always. You are the awesomest of the awesome. Continued good luck to you, and a Happy New Year, dear.

Jennifer said...

Absolutely perfect! Answered questions on National (International) Television like it was second nature!!! How AWESOME you are! It'll be fun to hear how this affects your day to day life from now on!

Conan is huge, so now you're going to have to make a WL Blow Up Chicken Sandwich with a Conan next to it!

Truly, great.